Wine List

Bubbles & Champagne


Prosecco DOC

glass ฿280 bottle ฿1200
Origin ITA (Glera) - VENETO Blue, Val d'Oca. Prosecco, happiness in a glass

Prosecco DOC

bottle ฿1350
Origin ITA (Glera) - VENETO Novapalma, Cielo e Terra. Fresh and dry, very refined perlage. A different style do drink Prosecco!

Cuvee Prestige Franciacorta

bottle ฿2400
Origin ITA FRANCIACORTA Ca’ del Bosco. (Chardonnay 75%, Pinot Noir 15%, Pinot Bianco 10%) Italian Champagne in its best-known brand

Cremant d’Alsace

bottle ฿1750
Origin FRA (Auxerrois, Pinot Blanc) - ALSACE Cave des Vignerons de Pfaffenheim. A very balanced and less demanding sparkling wine than Champagne

Lambrusco Grand Cru

bottle ฿1500
Origin ITA (Glera) – EMILIA ROMAGNA Marcello, Ariola. A must in Northern Italy, the best to accompany cold cuts and cheeses

Prosecco Rosé DOC

bottle ฿1300
Origin ITA (Glera) - VENETO Val d’Oca. The Rosé version of Prosecco has a slightly drier note


Champagne AOC

bottle ฿10300
Origin FRA (Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay) Brut Royale Blanc de Noirs, Philipponat. The top level of French bubbles

Champagne AOC

bottle ฿5500
Origin FRA (Chardonnay) Blanc de Blancs 2015, Louis Roederer. The perfect balance of Blanc de Blancs, if you prefer Champagne soft

Champagne AOC

bottle ฿5000
Origin FRA (Chardonnay) La Cuvée Brut, Laurent Perrier. Champagne LP is characterized by its dry and citrus note

Rosé Wine

Rose’ Garda classico

bottle ฿1700
Origin ITA (Groppello, Marzemino, Sangiovese, Barbera) LOMBARDIA Rosa dei Frati, Ca’ dei Frati. The Rosé of Lake Garda, extremely refined

Rose’ de Provence AOC

glass ฿350 bottle ฿1500
Origin FRA (Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, Cinsault, Shiraz) - PROVENCE Le Mediterranée, Figuière. The classic Rosé de Provence with an excellent personality

Sweet Wine

Passito di Pantelleria

glass ฿900 bottle ฿3500
Origin ITA (Zibibbo) - SICILIA Ben Rye’, Donnafugata 375 ml. A worldwide legend. A nose of ripe fruit, apricot, tropical fruits. Almost a jam on the palate. It can replace dessert

Moscato d’Asti DOP

bottle ฿1000
Origin ITA (Moscato Bianco) -PIEMONTE Paolo Saracco 375 ml. One of the best Moscato in Italy. Sweet but not cloying, with a refined bubble, it can accompany some desserts

White Wine

Sauvignon Blanc

glass ฿270 bottle ฿1200
Origin CHI Cono Sur, Tocornal. A citrus note enriches this very balanced wine

Sauvignon Blanc

glass ฿290 bottle ฿1300
Origin NZ MARLBOROUGH Tahuna. Fragrant, exotic, fresh and easy drink

Falanghina del Sannio DOP

bottle ฿1350
Origin ITA CAMPANIA Janare, La Guardiense. A note of minerality due to the volcanic lands of Vesuvius

Pinot Grigio Friuli DOC

glass ฿350 bottle ฿1500
Origin ITA FRIULI Le Monde. The classic

Vermentino di Sardegna DOC

glass ฿350 bottle ฿1580
Origin ITA SARDEGNA Costamolino, Argiolas. Powerful, not extremely fruity, best with seafood

Pecorino d’Abruzzo DOC

bottle ฿1620
Origin ITA ABRUZZO Trabocchetto, Talamonti. Harmonious. Perfect balance between aromas, taste and mineral finish

Lugana DOC

bottle ฿1650
Origin ITA (Turbiana) - LOMBARDIA Ca’ dei Frati. A high class wine at a very reasonable price

Chardonnay VDP

glass ฿410 bottle ฿1800
Origin FRA LANGUEDOC ROUSSILLON Hautes Pistes, Aubert & Mathieu. Excellent value for money for an emerging winery with its classic Chardonnay


bottle ฿1900
Origin ITA St.Michael Eppan- ALTO ADIGE. Probably the most fragrant Italian wine

Top White Wine

Pouilly Fume AOC

bottle ฿2000
Origin FRA (Sauvignon Blanc) - LOIRE Jean Pabiot & Fils. Aromatic but delicate. Classy. Excellent value for money

Colli Orientali del Friuli DOC

bottle ฿2400
Origin ITA (Pinot Bianco 60%, Chardonnay 38%, Picolit 2%) - FRIULI Illivio, Livio Felluga. We present Friuli, the best Italian region for white wine, through one of its most celebrated brands

Chardonnay Menfi DOC

bottle ฿2750
Origin ITA SICILIA Planeta. The white wine that thinks it's a red. The strength of the Sicilian sun in a glass

Chardonnay Isonzo DOC

bottle ฿3300
Origin ITA FRIULI Le Vie di Romans. For connoisseurs. A small familiar winery capable of including 4 of his wines among the 10 best whites in Italy according to Wine Spectator. Top.

Venezia Giulia IGT

bottle ฿4300
Origin ITA (Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Ribolla Gialla, Origin ITA Malvasia Istriana) - FRIULI Vintage Tunina, Jermann. A legend. Vintage Tunina is probably the most famous Italian white wine

Chablis AOC 1er Cru

bottle ฿5100
Origin FRA (Chardonnay) - BOURGOGNE Fourchaume, La Chablisienne. In our opinion, budget Chablis don't show its best features, so we chose a top

Puligny Montrachet AOC 1er Cru

bottle ฿8500
Origin FRA (Chardonnay) - BOURGOGNE Hameau de Blagny, Louis Latour. Here we go to the best of the French school of white wines

Red Wine

Franciacorta Rosso Sebino IGT 2018

bottle ฿5200
Origin ITA (Cab Sauvignon 50%, Merlot 25%, Cabernet Franc 25%) – FRANCIACORTA Maurizio Zanella, Ca’ del Bosco. When a wine is an icon. Famous for being the Italian region of Champagne, Franciacorta also gives us an extraordinary red: the most celebrated winery in the region and a bottle "signed" by its legendary winemaker

Cabernet Sauvignon

glass ฿220 bottle ฿1000
Origin CHI Lamador. More than decent for an entry- level

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo

glass ฿290 bottle ฿1250
Origin ITA ABRUZZO Bajo, I Lauri. he new must of Italian red. This is entry-level, but already good

Tre Venezie IGP

bottle ฿1560
Origin ITA (Cabernet Sauvignon 40%, Merlot 40%, Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso 20%) VENETO Carant, Reguta. A sexy wine, very suitable for women, especially if they are new to wine.

Rosso Puglia IGT

bottle ฿1560
Origin ITA Sangiovese, Primitivo, Negramaro) PUGLIA Appassimento, Maestro Italiano. Don’t tell him that he’s an entry level wine. He thinks to be a top, and truly it is, with an amazing value for money


glass ฿400 bottle ฿1750
Origin ITA PUGLIA Brindisi, Brunilde di Mensione. Another wine with a value for money that is hard to find in Thailand

Rosso Toscana IGT

bottle ฿1870
Origin ITA (Cab. Sauvignon 70%, Sangiovese 30%) San Pio, Mastrojanni. When a winery produces a wine with these characteristics and at this price, it’s a super winery

Rosso di Verona IGT

glass ฿420 bottle ฿1800
Origin ITA (Corvina 40%, Corvinone 30%, Rondinella 25%, Sangiovese 5%) ITA VENETO Palazzo della Torre, Allegrini. Among our best sellers. Harmonic, balanced in every feature

Pinot Noir

glass ฿440 bottle ฿1900
Origin ITA ALTO ADIGE St. Michael Eppan. talian Pinot Noir is produced In Dolomites region. From one of the most celebrated winery, a PN light but with personality

Pinot Noir

bottle ฿1900
Origin USA CALIFORNIA 1924, Delicato Family. Americans think in a different way. This PN is a full body, 15 degrees alcoholic and with a strong note of the Porto wine barrels

Rosso Toscana IGT

bottle ฿1870
Origin ITA (Cab. Sauvignon 70%, Sangiovese 30%) San Pio, Mastrojanni. When a winery produces a wine with these characteristics and at this price, it’s a super winery

Malbec Signature

bottle ฿1900
Origin ARG MENDOZA Susana Balbo. Susana knows how to make wonderful wines. This Malbec is powerful but very balanced

Primitivo di Manduria DOC

glass ฿460 bottle ฿2000
Origin ITA PUGLIA “Uno” Riserva 2018 Masseria La Volpe. The boss. Amarone in Northern Italy and Primitivo in the South are the more full-bodied and powerful wines

Chianti Classico DOCG

bottle ฿2100
Origin ITA (Sangiovese) - PUGLIA Azienda Agricola San Felice. Extremely refined. Noble tannins. Forget the basic Chianti of 50 years ago, this is a classy wine

Yecla Murcia DO 2015

glass ฿500 bottle ฿2200
Origin ITA (35% Shiraz, 35% Monastrell, 30% Garnacha Tintorera) - MURCIA Epistem No.3 2015, Atlan&Artisan. What a find! This shows a huge progress of Spanish wines production A blend that aims for excellence. Powerful

Ripasso della Valpolicella Superiore

bottle ฿2500
Origin ITA (Corvina 60%, Cabernet Franc 25%, Oseleta 15%) - VENETO Rafael, Tommasi. Ripasso has become the perfect solution for those who love Veneto wine, elegant and soft, but without the "magnitude" of Amarone

Etna Rosso DOC 2018

bottle ฿2900
Origin ITA (Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio) SICILIA Feudo di Mezzo 2018, Terre Nere. A "Top" wine. In 2018, Terre Nere was able to bring its Etna Rosso into the top 10 of the world according to Wine Spectator. Another Sicilian miracle: from its powerful sun you expect an intense and fruity full-body. Instead, the vineyards at 800 meters above sea level on the Etna Volcano produce a delicate, extremely refined red. Something more than a Pinot Noir, but without that extreme body of some Southern Italian wines. Masterpiece

Red blend 2012

bottle ฿3100
Origin ITA (Barbera 50%; Bonarda 50%) EMILIA ROMAGNA Macchiona, La Stoppa. If you happened to drink it in 5 years, you would recognize it right away. A wine with an ancient flavor, an elderly but very elegant gentleman. Very masculine, the smell of the cellar rises to the nose; an incredibly effective wine with meat. The wine of my land, the wine of my heart

Amarone della Valpolicella 2018

glass ฿750 bottle ฿3300
Origin ITA (Corvina 70%, Rondinella 20%, Molinara 10%) – VENETO Pietro Jr., Pietro Zardini. Intense, powerful, even dense. The characteristics of Amarone have conquered the world in the last 30 years

Taurasi Riserva 2015

bottle ฿3700
Origin ITA (Aglianico) – CAMPANIA Radici, Mastroberardino. Taurasi is the new "must" in Italy. A very deep red wine with nobility and elegance

Chateauneuf du Pape 2020

bottle ฿3800
Origin FRA (Grenache) – VAUCLUSE M. Chapoutier. One of the most famous French wines, elegant but with intense traits

Chianti Classico DOCG (Sangiovese) – PUGLIA, Azienda Agricola San Felice

ITA Extremely refined. Noble tannins. Forget the basic Chianti of 50 years ago, this is a classy wine

Top Red Wine

Brunello di Montalcino 2017

glass ฿900 bottle ฿4000
Origin ITA (Sangiovese) – TOSCANA Mastrojanni. A Brunello for perfect aging. Over the years the tannins become softer and more noble, without losing the typical impact of this wine

Barolo 2018

bottle ฿4100
Origin ITA (Nebbiolo) – PIEMONTE Pio Cesare. Of course, a great aging potential, but lovers of the "lord" of Italian wines can now begin to appreciate its noble characteristics

Blend Terre Siciliane IGT 2018

bottle ฿4400 magnum ฿8200
Origin ITA (Cabernet Sauvignon, Tannat, Nero d'Avola) - SICILIA Dolce & Gabbana Limited Edition Tancredi, Donnafugata. Because perhaps it was the first great wine I drank in my life, many years ago. A vibrant and emotional red wine that wants to be appreciated for its elegance. A collector's bottle, thanks to the refined label designed by Dolce and Gabbana

Isola dei Nuraghi 2018

bottle ฿5500
Origin ITA (Cannonau 90%, Black Malvasia 5%, Bovale 5%) - SARDEGNA Turriga, Argiolas. Because it was Pepenero's first great wine, when we decided that ours had to be a Great Wine List. A real jewel, yet to be discovered by most. Velvety and elegant, powerful and fragrant

Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

bottle ฿6700 ฿
Origin USA (mainly Cab Sauv, blended with Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot) NAPA VALLEY, CALIFORNIA Faust, Quintessa. Do Americans knows how to make good wines? Yes. Much more than good. This iconic bottle from Napa Valley it’s outstanding. Dense, bodied, with elegant tanninis. Chapeau

Rosso Toscana IGT 2019

bottle ฿7300
Origin ITA (Canaiolo Nero, Mammolo, Ciliegiolo, Foglia Tonda) – TOSCANA Kadar, Renzo Marinai. Do you understand about wine and you want to try a different experience, something rare and amazingly valued? Go here. Renzo Marinai created an excellence from native and almost unknown Tuscan grapes. Extremly refined

Amarone della Valpolicella Riserva 2013

bottle ฿8200
Origin ITA (Corvina 75%, Rondinella 20%, Corvinone 5%) – VENETO Riserva Ca’ Florian, Tommasi. The difference with a “normal” Amarone is not only in the brand (Tommasi is one of the most famous): as a few others, this Amarone turn into a liqueur-wine. Astonishing at the end of the meal, accompanying a lovely speech between friends

Bolgheri Superiore DOC 2016

bottle ฿8700
Origin ITA (Cabernet Franc) – TOSCANA Supertuscan Dedicato a Walter, Allegrini. When a big name as Allegrini decide to dedicate a label to its founder you can only expect for the best. Magnificent from the first to the last sip, complex, noble, bodied

Rosso Toscana IGT 2016

bottle ฿8900
Origin ITA (Merlot, Sangiovese) – TOSCANA Supertuscan Luce, Tenuta Luce. The structure and elegance of Sangiovese, together with the softness of Merlot. Very dark color, enormous body, which opens both to the nose and to the palate with great refinement


Pinot Noir Grand Cru 2017

bottle ฿13000
Origin FRA BOURGOGNE Corton Close des Cortons Domaine Faivelay. This Grand Cru represents the elegance at his top. A wine that need to breath before landing in your glass, as to introduce you in another category, with the perfect balance between body, alcohol aromas and tannins

Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG

bottle ฿17000
Origin ITA (Corvina 60%, Rondinella 20%, Oseleta 10%, Croatina 10%) – VENETO Riserva Monte Lodoletta 2013 Dal Forno Romano. Ladies and gentleman, please stand up. Amarone in his maximum expression: 16,5 alcohol, powerful and dense as no others. Hints of black fruits, Moka and dark chocolate. Tanninis as silk. Do you know another wine that you can drink until 2050?

Ribera del Duero DO 2012

bottle ฿24000
Origin SPA (Tempranillo Tinto Fino 95%, Cabenret Sauvignon 20%) – CASTILLA Y LEON Unico, Vega-Sicilia. The most famous Spanish wine? Yes. A true icon wine in the world? Yes. A multi-awarded bottle? Again, yes. And thanks to the extraordinary strength of Duero grapes, Unico is also welcomed in the “2050 club”

Bolgheri Superiore 2015

bottle ฿33000
Origin ITA (Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc) TOSCANA Sassicaia, Tenuta San Guido. Elected "Best wine in the world" by Wine Spectator in 2018, the Sassicaia 2015 is nowhere to be found, having been snapped up and now kept in collectors' cells. Having some bottles in Pepenero demonstrates our passion and attention to wine

By the Glass


Prosecco DOC

glass ฿280
Origin ITA Blue, Val d’Oca


Rose’ de Provence AOC

glass ฿350
Origin FRA Le Mediterranée, Figuière


Passito di Pantelleria

glass ฿900
Origin ITA Ben Rye’, Donnafugata


Chardonnay VDP

glass ฿410
Origin FRA Hautes Pistes, Aubert & Mathieu

Vermentino di Sardegna DOC

glass ฿350
Origin ITA Costamolino, Argiolas

Pinot Grigio Friuli DOC

glass ฿350
Origin ITA Le Monde

Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough

glass ฿290
Origin ITA Tahuna

Sauvignon Blanc

glass ฿270
Origin ITA Cono Sur, Tocornal


Cabernet Sauvignon

glass ฿220
Origin ITA Lamador

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo

glass ฿290
Origin ITA Bajo, I Lauri


glass ฿400
Origin ITA Brindisi, Brunilde di Mensione

Rosso di Verona IGT

glass ฿420
Origin ITA Palazzo della Torre, Allegrini

Rosso di Montalcino DOC

glass ฿440
Origin ITA Banfi

Pinot Noir DOC

glass ฿440
Origin ITA St. Michael Eppan

Primitivo di Manduria DOC

glass ฿460
Origin ITA “Uno” Riserva 2018, Masseria La Volpe

Yecla Murcia DO

glass ฿500
Origin ITA Epistem No.3 2015, Atlan&Artisan

Amarone della Valpolicella

glass ฿750
Origin ITA Pietro Jr., Pietro Zardini

Brunello di Montalcino

glass ฿900
Origin ITA Mastrojanni

Top Wines in tasting

Chablis AOC 1er Cru (Chardonnay)

glass ฿750
Origin FRA WHITE Fourchaume, La Chablisienne

Taurasi Riserva 2015 (Aglianico)

glass ฿550
Origin ITA RED Radici, Mastroberardino

Blend Terre Siciliane IGT 2018

glass ฿650
Origin ITA RED Dolce & Gabbana Limited Edition Tancredi, Donnafugata

Isola dei Nuraghi 2018 (Cannonau)

glass ฿720
Origin ITA RED Turriga, Argiolas

Cabernet Sauvignon

glass ฿970
Origin USA RED Faust, Quintessa

Rosso Toscana IGT (Merlot, Sangiovese)

glass ฿1290
Origin ITA RED Supertuscan Luce, Tenuta Luce

Pinot Noir Grand Cru 2017

glass ฿1500
Origin FRA RED Corton Close des Cortons Domaine Faivelay