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Sınce 2014


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Pepenero Koh Samui is a place of passion.

The passion we put into what we do in the kitchen and in the dining room, striving to find new products, new recipes and great wines. The passion in welcoming and serving you.

The rest, however, is up to YOU.

Remember that YOU make the difference between a great evening and a so-so one. Your mood is the most important thing.

If you like, read here our Decalogue&Rules for a perfect evening in Pepenero.

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Chef: Alain Tomaso

Born in ’71, Alain is originally from Milan, but his family has roots spread throughout Italy.

This mix makes him eclectic: Alain is at ease with recipes ranging from the North to the South of Italy.

He loves Mediterranean cuisine, is a master of risottos and takes care of cooking the Fiorentina steak.

A former professional photographer, Alain puts his aesthetic sense into the preparation of the dishes.

Alain was there when Pepenero opened in 2014: since then more than 300 different recipes have emerged from his kitchen.

Maitre: Paolo Migliorini

Born in ’72, Paolo is originally from the Po Valley (not far from Parma), the world epicenter of delicatessen and cheese.

After experiences in the journalistic field, in food marketing and tourism management, for 10 years he has welcomed guests at Pepenero in 4 different languages (Italian, English, French, Spanish): at your request, I will tell you many anecdotes about the origins of foods and of recipes.

Furthermore, he will recommend the best wine to pair with your food: even before being an expert, Paolo is a lover of good wine.


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From Our Menu

Our extras of the day

Vitello Tonnato

  • Thb 400 as a starter
Legendary Vitello tonnato. Delicate slices of Magatello enriched with spices on a base of tuna creamy sauce

Lamb Ragu and yellow saffron cream

Aromatic lamb ragu, finished with a saffron cream. Where Sicily meet North Africa, in the middle of Mediterranean Sea

Il Taglierino

Starter or Snack, perfect to put in the middle with your aperitif. A whole Salame Cacciatore and fresh goat cheese

Mezzemaniche alla siciliana

Intense flavors from Sicily, combining eggplant and well cooked tuna

Fagottino di Burrata

Creamy Burrata filled with delicate red tuna tartare

Linguine Lemon and Tuna

Pepenero's 2023 best seller is now an icon of the restaurant. Just try it

The extras may be subject to charge