• Going to a restaurant with a bad mood is like going to the cinema (paying for the ticket) to sleep on the seat


  • We build your beautiful evening together, it’s an exchange of emotions


  • Here the cult is the Table: a good dish and a good glass of wine are the symbol of friendship and brotherhood. We welcome everyone, without distinction of ethnicity, sex, religion, lifestyle habits


  • We don’t have a real Dress Code, but we are sure that you too will feel more comfortable with a minimum of elegance (beach clothing is not allowed)


  • They call us a “chic tavern”. The lux, with us, is to taste rare products even in Italy and traditional popular recipes that are being lost because they are very complex to make


  • It would be difficult to explain the price dynamics. Contrary to what it may seem, we are not expensive at all, in relation to the costs we incur to import top quality products


  • Don’t be surprised if we don’t serve pizza. For Italians, it’s a must to keep the restaurant and the pizzeria distinct


  • We have one of the most prestigious Wine Lists on Samui, and probably the best in terms of value for money. Here, for an excellent wine you pay a price that elsewhere would be enough for a basic one


  • We do not accept bottles of wine brought from outside


  • Your satisfaction and your opinion are our life. We are very happy that you express them, even more so if there are critical issues. Even after speaking with us, you can always leave a review: the difference is that you will have more elements of knowledge


Fortunately, negative opinions are very rare. We always accept criticism, which is part of our professional growth.

 We struggle to accept gratuitous, unmotivated insult.

We fight as best we can against fake reviews

Here is the example of a customer who did not suffer any disservice at the restaurant, but who, since his arrival, was in a terrible mood.

With our answer



are the most welcome if they are used to being at the table and they don’t yell (with the exception of newborns, their cries are divine music for us)


Please DON’T consider the garden as a playground for leaving children, even if there are no other customers; NO run and yell in the garden


Children and adults please, low volume or, even better, headphones!


Usually, they disappear after dark (about 7 o’clock).

Please use spray in the garden, to avoid disturbing other tables


We can handwrite the receipt with your orders (please ask it upon arrival), but we CAN’T fill your company information and address


Smoking Weed is not allowed in any area of the restaurant. It’s persistent smell doesn’t match everbody’s taste and can conflict with the food


Sala Maître or Chef do their best to welcome every table and explain the Menu. On busy nights, this could lengthen your order: in this case, please feel free to order from the staff


Prices are subject to 7% VAT

 We accept EURO (no coins) applying the current exchange rate

 3% commission is applied to any Credit or Debit card (no American Express)

 We accept Cash and Bank transfer with no commission

 We don’t apply any Service charge: tips for our staff are the most welcome if you appreciate the service